Summary On Durkheim 's Term For A Group 's Patterns Of Behavior

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a. Social Facts/pg. 12-14: Durkheim’s term for a group’s patterns of behavior

I found it rather interesting that each of the main dwellers we followed throughout the film all shared something rather similar. They all had a dream, rather it be for them, or the people in their lives. One guy wanted to be a big movie star in Bollywood, one woman wanted to help the community because she had a dream of her own, for them to all grow together. The two of them also shared a dream of pushing their children to be the smartest kids they could be, to get through school with the best of grades, but why? And while on the subject, why do they push so hard to achieve these goals? Working day in and day out, only taking breaks to sleep, most people in our society would probably doubt themselves in questioning rather or not they could do such a thing, and live such a way. We have to take things in as a whole, truly grasping the whole picture to answer these questions. From a parent’s point of view, they want to provide as much as they can for their children, as well as their children’s futures. Being the third or fourth generation ‘slumdog’, most parents know that the only way to pave the way for a better future for their kids is to do whatever they can to get them comfortably out of the slums. Since they can’t do that financially, the only real choice is to push them as hard as they can academically. Because, in theory, if a child grows up to be really smart, then he can get a good job, and…

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