Essay on Summary On ' Antigone '

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Lila Ashraf
English 10
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Antigone Speech
Antigone’s perspective: French mayors maintain burkini bans despite court ruling Greetings French mayors; I am Antigone, daughter of Oedipus, who was once King of Thebes. Many consider me to be a martyr as I stood my ground in my religious beliefs and my woman’s rights against my cruel uncle Creon, who became king of Thebes after my father’s death. Creon had decreed that my brother Polyneices’ body should be left unburied and abandoned. This act violated the divine law, Greek custom, and simple human right for women to perform a ceremonial ritual of burial. This left me to therefore choose between obedience to the temporal rule of Creon and the duty I owed to a loved one. I believe that the king’s law is inferior to divine law and that if sacrifice is required to follow the right, such sacrifice must be made. Moreover, from my own personal experience, I will help you understand that there are times when one cannot blindly follow unfair laws.
Today, I am here to address a very important issue: should you as leaders of French communities truly go against France’s highest administrative court ruling and continue to force Muslim women to disregard their religious beliefs? Do you expect them conform to a more Western-style beach attire? I’ve heard that many of you mayors have maintained the ban on burkinis, a particular style female swimsuit…

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