Summary Of ' What The Fuck ' Essay

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"What the fuck?" scolded Coach Sullivan to the paralyzed Janitor, who quickly removed his headphones.

Janitor Jackson fumbled his words, "No, no. No, one was to be here. I mean. I 'm sorry, Coach."

Ashamed of his current circumstance, Coach Sullivan did something he thought he would never do.

"I 'm sorry. No, I 'll be going, " flushed face Coach Sullivan spoke.

Sullivan had already slid his fingers from his asshole and begun to tuck his sizeable cock back into its jockstrap. Jackson could only see the mountain of muscle in total humiliation. He felt disheartened, Coach 's pre-season was in a rut. His winning team had been twice defeated. But as Jackson glanced at the mirrored wall in awe, his own cock continued to swell.

Coach 's ass was mighty cute, Jackson thought to himself.

Jackson had to act fast or this be forever a jerk-off fantasy.

"Looks like someone 's been a bad boy, " Jackson said, though he later thought how stupid he sounded.

Coach Sullivan stood and cocked his eyebrow. The jockstrap wearing Coach soon saw the predicament he was in, now that Drew observed Jackson 's cock growing at an alarming rate.

"I guess, you could say that. I 've turned a lot of people down, " Coach Sullivan spoke in a obedient tone.

Sullivan turned back facing the bench press, and anchored his feet on the platform, while he brought his golden ass down to the bench seat, arching his back and exposing his hole.

Dammit, baby, Janitor Jackson thought, that ass was…

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