Summary Of ' Uncle Merlin ' Essay

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"Uncle Merlin! Uncle Merlin!" two voices clamored. A tall, raven haired man in a blue tunic, black breeches, and black, fur lined jacket turned around and smiled broadly. A silver medallion hung on a chain around his neck, bearing the mark of Court Sorcerer. His oceanic eyes lit up with love as two little olive skinned, curly black haired children burst into his study and pounced on him.

"Whoa, whoa, now!" Merlin smiled, wrapping his arms around the two. The boy and girl giggled and pulled him to the floor despite his protests.

"Ah you have defeated me! You have conquered the mighty Emrys!" Merlin gasped, falling to the floor dramatically.

"No one can defeat you, Uncle Merlin," the little boy said firmly. Merlin grinned.

"Why thank you, Sir Rowan," he bowed his head.

" 'Cept maybe Daddy," the little girl laughed.

"I had to dress your daddy for ten years, Pippa," Merlin frowned at her teasingly. "He would be helpless without me."

"That 's not what he says," the little girl grinned, poking fun at her loving uncle.

"Oh really? Well maybe he doesn 't know about my secret weapon," Merlin retorted.

"What secret weapon?" Rowan asked eagerly. Merlin motioned them closer as if telling them a secret.

"I am an expert," Merlin whispered, looking at the two seriously, "in tickling." And with that he pounced, pulling the two into his lap and tickling them mercilessly. The two screamed with laughter. Suddenly, a pillow flew across the room and clonked Merlin on the side of the…

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