Summary Of ' Tupac And My Non Thug Life ' Essay

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Jenee Desmond – Harris wrote an article called “Tupac and My Non-thug Life,” which was published in an online article called The Root. The title of this article seems very contradictory and that is because it is. This article is about how Desmond – Harris, as a young privileged half white, half black teenage girl, finds herself trying to embody Tupac after his death. The contradiction of this is that Desmond-Harris did not relate to Tupac in the ways of how they grew up. Desmond – Harris had yet to confront any of life’s hard edges when Tupac had passed. She had it very easy. Like she does in much of her other work, she puts her personal experience into analysis of issues surrounding race. She tells this story as her own reaction of the murder of rapper Tupac Shakur as a teenager. She reflects on and also questions the choices she made during the years she was forced to confront what it meant to be black. She and her other biracial friend, Thea, begin to change themselves by beginning to racially identify themselves as black, rather than white, even though they are both biracial in a white dominant community. Tupac was a strongly influential role model for many and his death strongly affected a wide variety of people, as Desmond – Harris describes. Being that Desmond – Harris is a writer and she is well educated as she is a graduate of Howard University and Harvard Law, she is a very reliable source. This story was published in an online magazine in 2011. This magazine…

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