Summary Of ' The Waiting Room Of A Hospital ' Essay

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First, this story begins in the waiting room of a hospital. Right away you can tell Mrs. Turpin is a self-important woman, “There was one vacant chair and a place on the sofa occupied by a blond child in a dirty blue romper who should have been told to move over and make room for the lady”. She looks around at all the people gathered in the waiting room and immediately finds a likened soul because the woman was, “a well-dressed grey-haired lady”. She begins to put the people in the waiting room into categories based off their appearance and mannerism. Present is the higher class woman who 's “well-dressed and pleasant”. She also labels the teenage girl as “ugly” and the poor woman as “white-trashy”. When Mrs. Turpin converses with her black workers, she often uses the word “nigger” in her thoughts. Mrs. Turpin seems to think she’s above them all because she owns land and a house.
Next, O 'Connor lets us into Mrs. Turner 's thoughts as Mrs. Turpin thinks about whether she would choose to be a "nigger or white trash" if Jesus gave her no other options. Mrs. Turpin chooses to be a black woman, which shows the derision she feels for the poor young mother. Although Mrs. Turpin seems to have these clear, tidy boxes where the different statuses in life are kept, she admits “the complexity of it would begin to bear in on her ". This should 've clued Mrs. Turpin to the fact that something was wrong with her status ladder.
Then, she and the pleasant woman strike up a…

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