Summary Of ' The Tell Tale Heart ' Essay

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In the story “The Tell-Tale Heart” is about an unnamed man who is so appalled by a old man’s eye that it leads him to kill the man. At the beginning of the story, the man exclaims that he is not a madman and he was very careful when committing this terrible act. For a week, the man cracks the door to the old mans home, sticks his lantern inside so he can see the man, and watches him while he sleeps. On the eighth night, the old man is awaken by the sound of the man outside watching him. At this time, the man knows that it is his time to act so he runs inside, throws the old man on the floor ad pulls his bed on top of him so he will be smothered. After the deed is done, he carefully dismembers his body and buries it underneath a few floorboards. What the man does not know is that a neighbor had called police because they had heard a shriek. When the police arrive the man invites them in and begins to talk to them . As time goes on, the man starts to think he hears the old mans heart still beating. The beating keeps getting louder and louder, which makes him believe that the officers know what has happened. At the end of the story, he admits to murdering the old man. As you can see, throughout the whole story, the mans thoughts and actions led the readers to believe that he is mentally unstable. Poe uses a lot of irony, descriptive imagery, and symbolism to show how the narrator’s mind is actually the real antagonist of the story. Poe uses many of examples of irony to show…

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