Essay on Summary Of ' The Tale Tell Heart '

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Before and After Bibliography Research Process
“The Tale-Tell Heart” is a story full of unexpected switches and contrasts, starting from the entrance of a psycho murderer narrator, also a loyal servant, to a shocking and unimaginable outcome. The first impression I had while reading the title was to think it would be another romantic story; surprisingly, that had any or no relation with the real story content. Judging by the tittle, at first, Poe’s story seen to me like a tale full of romanticism told by an old man or a possible old lover, narrating his old love adventures or even making some up. However, the word “heart” on the tittle gave me the impression of a real life story as something truly and faithful narrated by someone that had a vivid experience in such a story. The word “heart” sometimes is related to the soul; that relation in my mind made me consider the possibility that the story was about fantasy or mysticism. I also saw the possibility of one of those stories narrated by a tribe chief surrounded by a crow of kids waiting impatiently to hear his stories. Thus, when I read such a mysterious story I realized that my previous thoughts were completely wrong about the story content. As I was reading the story, many uncompleted details stared not only to confuse me but also to keep me into the reading. The murder, the reasons and the confession of the crime, were confusing and unsolved behaviors to me. Furthermore, after successfully committed a crime why the…

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