Summary Of ' The Student Debt Crisis ' Essay

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In an article called “The Student Debt Crisis”. The author argues the students can’t afford to pay back student loans, causing the students to drop out. The author states that “60 percent” of the Graduating class use loans to pay for college (para. 2). The students who use the money to get necessities like a vehicle or a place to stay are struggling the most; the author states, “Millennials have been hit the hardest, Burdened by student debt, millennials are putting off large purchases, like houses and cars” (para. 4). The problem is that students miss payments because they have low paying jobs. The interest rates are too high, and put the students into a financial hole (“Para. 1-4”). To fight this, the government is trying to propose new a series of taxes, bills, and budget cuts to fix the problem. One of these being the Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act, to lower interest rates for student loans down to 3.86 percent, but it was rejected in 2014 (para. 5).
The Government continues to fight this problem constantly with new ideas. Chris Baker, of The Washington Times, talks about how the government has used programs to help workers pay off their debt. Federal workers received as much as $6,000 annually to repay federal student loans” (1). While the government is trying to solve the problem, there is a debate if the government is fixing it. The author of the “The Student Debt Crisis” believes that it is going the right direction, while the author of “More Government Aid…

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