Summary Of ' The Story Of The Weeping Camel ' Essay

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Me: Good morning, Honey how was work last night?
Partner: It 's was tiring, but how was your night?
Me: I watched this movie called “ The Story of the Weeping Camel”
Partner: what was the movie about?
Me: It’s a movie about a Mongolian family that came on HBO.
Partner: Are you trying to learn about their culture so you can drag me to that country?
Me: Nope, but I would have to go and learn more about their culture.
Partner: I would love to take you, can you tell me a little more about the movie?
Me: The movie starts off with the one of the older gentleman telling the story “The Legend of the Camel”….
Partner: So what is the story of “The Legend of the Camel” about?
Me: If you would have let me finish talking I could have told you, but God gave a camel antlers and a deer ask the camel to borrow his antler the camel lent him the antler but deer never returned them.
Me: The oddest part of the movie was first ritual, the grandmother sprinkled milk outside early in the morning I believe she was using the milk to blessing her land for the reason that she prayed after she finished sprinkling the milk.
Partner: I think I’ve seen the movie just can’t remember it that well.
Me: Did you know in the Mongolian culture they tie their children while they work.
Partner: Isn’t that child abuse, just kidding they must have a reason for tying them the child up.
Me: Rights, but that not very important, one of their camels were pregnant, and when the baby was colt was born the camel didn’t…

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