Summary Of ' The Starry Witness ' Essay

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The Starry Witness
The ancients that came before us lived most of their lives looking up. They looked to the sky to tell time, to determine what the weather will be like, and to seek the face of their God. Scripture is filled with examples in which God speaks to humanity through the wonders displayed in the heavens. Psalm 19:1 tells us that the heavens declare the glory of God, that the skies proclaim the work of God’s hands.
Job learned this lesson directly from God in the midst of the most tragic season of his life. Job lost his family, and lost his faith in God’s justice and creation. In his desolation, Job declared, “From the city the dying groan, and the throat of the wounded cries for help; yet God pays no attention to their prayers (Job 24:12).” Job puts God’s justice is on trial. When God, in a whirlwind, finally responds to Job’s demand for answers, God points him upward towards all of earthly creation as a means to place Job in the proper perspective of his ignorance about how the world works. Within the Whirlwind Speeches of Job 38-41, God’s discourse remains largely terrestrial, asking Job rhetorical questions concerning the foundational aspects of earthly function. While God’s discourse remains largely terrestrial, Job 38:31-33 is unique in that this is the only portion of Speeches that focuses specifically on extraterrestrial creation, namely heavenly constellations, as a reference for Job’s ignorance about the nature of his suffering. In this paper I will…

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