Summary Of ' The ' Star ' Essay

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"Marco," Star starts, her excitement beginning to dim as they walked on. "I 'm sorry, for this I mean." She gave a glance at the back of Marco 's head, stepping quickly to reach his side. "I never wanted this to turn out so badly."

Marco gave a small sigh, pushing down the bits of resentment he felt. "We 're in this situation together," he said, looking back with a kindly smile, "we 'll get through it just like everything else." His mind wandered to Ludo 's castle, "besides, we 've definitely been through worse." He straightens his gaze, "any how, it 's a long walk to Bulwark."


Bulwark seemed to mostly be a small fort surrounded by a six foot wooden stockade. At each corner of the walls stood a small watch town that looked over the surrounding pastureland, which was full of what appeared to be blue wooled rams. A guard minding the northern wall gave a call downward as the pair approached the encampment, signaling for the wooden gates to open.

The enter inside, the full court yard coming into view. The main building was a plain structure with little in the way of fancy trappings. In front of it was a set of target dummies where a rather young officer shot bolts with inconstant grouping. To the left was a second, larger building running along the entire east side of the fort.

A gourd rushes down from the gate, his light plate clattering as he moves. "Aye, you there. What the 'ell are you doing on the southern border?" The man speaks in a thick accent that…

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