Brief Summary Of Mr. Shelby's Narran

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As the book begins, we are introduced to the Shelbys who are white family of three and are owners of many slaves. Mr. and Mrs. Shelby are described as being very good owners to their slaves. They took them in from when they were younger and have had a loyal relationship with them. The Shelby’s son, Master George Shelby, followed after his parents and created a strong relationship with his family’s slaves. He even teaches Uncle Tom, one of the most trustworthy slaves, to read and write. He eats dinner with them sometimes and fits right in with the slave family. When the book reveals that Mr. Shelby is considering selling one of his slaves everyone is shocked. Mr. Shelby himself talks very highly of Tom and his hesitant to let him go. The episode of the two men talking becomes clear when Mrs. Shelby sees Eliza, one of the female slave's, crying, She is genuinely worried about what is bothering her, another way the book shows the strong connection between these slaves and their master. She is appalled when she finds out that the reason for her tears was because she overheard Mr. Shelby discussing selling her son, Harry, to some strange man. We later find out that this man’s name was …show more content…
She describes each character and illustrates a whole fictional “world” that the reader actually starts believing in it. By making the reader so emotionally involved with the characters, an author is creating a way to get a message across without screaming or arguing. No one likes or fully listens to being yelled at. Which is why a novel, that they can read at their own leisure is more popular and effective than an angry argument for someone is. A story is an escape from real life which is very appealing. The reader may only be thinking that they are reading a entertaining novel but in truth the fictional experiences are most likely also changing their perspective on real, everyday

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