Summary Of ' The Sanctuary Of School ' By Lynda Barry Essay

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The Sanctuary of School

The essay I chose to write was over the short article of “The Sanctuary of School” by Lynda Barry. In this story it talks about the author Lynda Barry’s experience with the school from a young age. She talks about growing up in a home with her mom and her dad having money issues, relatives that kept moving in, her brother and her sleeping on the couch, and the constant fighting going on. She explains how she didn’t feel safe at home so she talks about school being a safe haven for her, and how lucky she was that she had Mrs. LeSane and Mr. Gunderson. She said that her and her brother did not mind sleeping on the couch; they actually liked sleeping in the living room on the couch because it let them be by the television. The reason why I chose this story was because, in my younger days I had a lot of some similar events happen to me. I lived with my mother and her boyfriend in Purcell, my house was not my safe haven just like Lynda Barry it was at a different place. In the story one paragraph said, “They were short on money and long on relatives who kept “temporarily” moving into our house because they had nowhere else to go.” “My brother and I were used to giving up our bedroom”. This part in the article really brought me back, and the setting that the author portrayed in was almost identical to my childhood. The only difference was instead of my mom and dad it was my mom and her boyfriend and instead of relatives it was their friends. Like Lynda…

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