Summary Of ' The Rain For The Night ' Essay

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The next morning, whether due to being in the stocks or to being out in the rain for the afternoon, Merlin woke up with aching legs, a sore throat and the sniffles. He sighed, and took stock of how he was feeling, finally deciding that although he was a little bit under the weather, he was certainly not ill enough to be late to Master Randall for a second day in a row. Not that he would have dared that in any case, not after the disaster that the day before had become.

"Gaius," he called out hoarsely as he pulled open his door and headed down the stairs. Besides his breakfast and a hot cup of tea, he was hoping for a bit of sympathy and maybe even a pastille to soothe his aching throat, if Gaius had any to spare. He 'd been very happy to see that his mentor had finally returned home, and had paused to lovingly cover the sleeping man with a blanket the night earlier, just before squelching his way up to his room to dry off and get some sleep.

Unfortunately, it looked like at least the sympathy would have to wait. Gaius was already out of his bed and had left their chambers, no doubt in a hurry to get started on his rounds after being away for so long. The young warlock sighed but then smiled when he saw that the old man had still taken the time to set out Merlin 's plate and cup for him, and had even left some sort of sweet beside them, a treat that a father would bring a child after a long time apart. Though no longer a child, and even though Gaius was not his father,…

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