Summary Of The Problem With Forever

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The book that I chose to read this summer was The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout. This book is fiction with a theme of finding your voice while, getting outside of your comfort zone. Mallory Dodge who is also known as Mouse is a shy girl that grew up in a horrendous foster home. Mouse was a teenager when she gets adopted from two doctors and was homeschooled. Now that she is a be a senior in high school Mouse wants to give regular school a try. While at traditional school, she runs into someone from her past and has to get over her fear of speaking.
This book follows Mallory through her journey of being afraid to speak. She runs into Rider Stark a boy she was close with when they both lived in the same awful foster home. Now that they have reconnected she has to figure out his new lifestyle, and how to have him back in her life.
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The plot of the story has many twists and turns that makes you want to keep reading it. The book talks about foster kids that did not have good care when they were younger, it makes you realize that not everyone is as fortunate as you think. It makes you think about the good things you have in life and how lucky that makes you. It opened my eyes to all things I have in my life that I think is normal and take for granted. I did enjoy this book and would highly recommend it for others to read.Link to Jennifer Armentrout’s website:

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