Summary Of The Premature Burial By Edgar Allan Poe

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1. Writer 's Background:
Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer, critic, and editor who specialized in poetry and short stories. He began writing poetry at a very young age to let out his feelings. Edgar Allan Poe lived a very depressed/hard/short life, dealing with the death of his family members, wife, and developing alcoholism. Poe was born into a hard life filled with sadness and disappointment. He was born in Boston, but soon after he was born, both his mother and father died. He was raised as a foster child in Richmond, Virginia. Edgar did his education in boarding schools and then attended the University of Virginia. Edgar had to drop out of school because he couldn 't pay his debt. At the beginning of his literary career he married
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Edgar Allan Poe was one of the many writers who used many of these elements in his writings. Who was famous for writing about the dark and mysterious things in his stories, his writings were so detailed and horrifying that the readers could imagine his writings and would actually scare the reader. The writing style of Edgar Allan Poe is shown to be of dark nature which is also known as dark romanticism. In the story “The Premature Burial”, Edgar Allan Poe focused on the thought of being buried alive. Poe has the characteristics of romanticism by showing off his supernatural side which is reflected into his writings. In this quote from the premature burial, “ The face assumed the usual pinched and sunken outline. The lips were of the usual marble power power pay L The lips were of the usual marble pallor. The eyes were lusterless. there was no warmth. Pulsation has ceased. For three days the body was preserved unburied during which it had acquired a stony rigidity” because Poe described physical features of somebody who seems to be dead the reader uses their imagination to picture what Poe has written in his text. This use of imagination is another characteristic of Romanticism because of how descriptive Poe is in his writings which allows his readers to visualize what he is actually …show more content…
The narrator’s terror is the result of the fact that he obsesses over the thought of being buried alive and causes him to have these horrible thoughts on premature burial.
Another theme in this short story is isolation. The narrator’s abnormal fear of being buried alive is causing him to be cut off/be isolated from the world of living because of his fear. The narrator assumes that if he isolates himself from the human population or never goes outside then he could stay in his home and be safe to avoid being buried alive. This constant fear causes him to only worry about his fear and doesn 't give him room to actually communicate with other people in the world because all he can think about is his

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