Summary Of The Political Climate Danticat

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Sodanie Oum
10th Grade Summer Reading Assignments

Book 2: Krik Krak Prompt 1a: The political climate Danticat grew up in was corrupted, disorganized, and had complicated politics, generally negative. The economy thrived on crime and where many people were in poverty due the corrupt government and some of the citizens with "immoral" intentions might have never even gotten punished for their crimes such as the rapists in Danticats ' stories, where the rapists were macoutes; people of a militia and we assume it was a regular thing for their own militia to terrorize their own people. Haiti had a tortured past which greatly influenced Danticats ' political climate. It was a harsh period in time and it severely shaped Danticats ' life, obviously
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Not even exaggerating I legit, studied at the last minute for my biology finals, I was in first period lunch and had biology second. But I never thought to study until some people I knew came over and started pulling out piles of flashcards to study from and I didn 't even know half of the terms on there so I joined in and started trying to memorize all of them before the 45 minutes period was over. Then when it was time for the finals, I was relieved that I studied the period before or else I would 've never passed. I remembered bits and pieces of information from the studying I did just minutes ago, I barely got over a C (I think) but I PASSED and if I didn 't I would 've probably failed that course and probably had to take summer school or something. So I thank myself on occasion for doing that little bit of studying and now I don 't condone myself for procrastination and I 've developed better studying …show more content…
When Josephine visits her mother in prison, she never says anything, but acknowledges the fact that she 's going to die there. When Josephine’s mother dies, Jacqueline,another witch, takes Josephine to see her mother 's body burned. The mother is content with the fact that she 's in prison and was in prison for having wings and overall being a witch, which is more than enough reason for having to be feared. But society fears women having so much power and independence so they quickly had her arrested but maybe she had wings in a spiritual sense? And not a literal sense where the government also feared that and jailed her. Either way she had power and that scared society, and when she died that benefitted the people in power, the government (maybe?) by getting rid of one more strong willed

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