Summary Of ' The ' Of Ayush House, Durgapur ' Essay

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At Ayush house, Durgapur
"O look! I did overtake you.�
"Wait and watch baby!"
"Oh! Shut!"
"Petrol is over."
"Time please, nature call."
Chandya and Ayush had been playing bike racing video game on the computer. Each time Ayush had overwhelmed Chandya in the game, but Chandya kept persisting on. Ayush went in the bathroom. He turned up after a minute and started a game again.
"Well- done!"
"Hurrah! I won!"
"I have told you I will win it and you are boasting that no one can beat me. Now, where is gone your vainglory now, in hole. Ah? Say. .. "
"Don 't being so smart. Next time, surely surpass you. I bet you."
"Each time he says surpass you, but at every turn lose the game. Talker! Let�s give us treat now."
"What treat? No treat beat! Okay."
"Really, you are a liar!"
"Loose bet, and even deny treat."
"Let�s do again."
"No, you don 't give treat."
"No, I will give this time.�
"At least, leave alone God."
"Surely, give."
"So, let�s start!"
"See again you left behind."
"Look here takes up with you."
We had lost the presence of surrounding, absorbed in the game completely. Chandya stood up in excitement, held a controller in hand, pressed roughly and under the spirit he tilted himself slowly to his left side. In shifting of legs, he stumbled; unbalanced, tried to save himself, but fall on near rectangular table was Ayush father had received in his daughter�s marriage from the bridegroom party as dowry. He cared, maintained, and loved…

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