Summary Of ' The Night ' Essay example

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In the night, the year of 1942, a gust of malicious air came to pass. Bullet whistling, time and time… again… Piercing though the breath which briefly exited those of the condemned. While the soldiers slumbered amidst infestation’s we know as rats, the Germans continue, continue to fire and attack relentlessly. “Do they not know of mercy? The cowards…” pleaded an innocent young man, which did not deserve the torment of this war.
After the whole day fighting the never ending war, the soldiers are forced to lay in the trenches and the smell of rotting flesh that the rats haven 't eaten of their dead friends, sweeps with the wind and seeps through their nostrils and lingers in their throats so when they eat something it all tastes like rotting flesh and other nasty odours that make things taste bad. The smell and taste will always be there as a little reminder that they are going to die from this war and never see their loved ones again, and one false move and they too could end up as one of the falling. One soldier lays down, to go to sleep after the whole day fighting, but before he does he looks over the trench to see if the enemies are planning anything to do that night to maybe catch them while they sleep so he was just trying to be smart and not die to the enemy tactics. Before he could fall asleep he is instantly woken back up by his friend 's blood curdling shrieks as he is shot down in front of him, all the soldier can think about is “What if that was me, I wish I…

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