Essay on Summary Of ' The Night '

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Several playlists and channels later, well into the night, Connie was asleep in a half curled ball, using Pearl’s leg to make up for how terribly small the couch cushions were. Steven had followed her example, still half sprawled across Garnet’s lap, huddled between the two Crystal Gems, with his fingertips barely brushing Connie’s.

That left Garnet and Pearl with no room to escape without disturbing either of them, and Pearl sat rigidly, one hand buried in Steven’s thick hair, the other wedged into the couch to give Connie space. Not that the human girl seemed to want it. She had been dozing off and on for the better part of the night, more often than not with her face pressed against Pearl’s shoulder.

“They can’t possibly be comfortable like this,” Pearl murmured, casting an uneasy look up at Garnet.

Steven answered with a rumbling snore, and Garnet gave the leg loosely draped over hers a soft pat. The boy didn’t stir. “He’s down for the count,” the fusion said, “Looks like you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.”

She wasn’t surprised that the joke went cleanly over Pearl’s head, and she chuckled to herself all the same. But when Pearl spoke, panic bubbling up in her chest, it cut Garnet’s mirth short.

“What do I do? Do I just sit here?” Pearl asked frantically, keeping her voice hushed, she reached instinctively for her friend, but stopped herself short, a hand hovering between them. Long fingers twitched, longing to settle safely on Garnet’s arm, but with the past…

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