Summary Of ' The Night ' By Jenny Drpich Essay

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At 5:30 AM, the young, naive, Jenny Drpich is all dressed up finally ready to leave her home and head to her job for the first time. On her way, she grabbed a copy of West Australian newspaper, a leftover of cinnamon bun from last night and a freshly brewed cup of Long Black Arabica. The placidness of her home is unwieldy; the constant sound of the dead air seems remind her of pure elation of her little farmhouse in upper Swan Valley. These reminiscing values seem to ponder in her mind as she heads out of the driveway.
It was a heinous drive from her house to the suburb. It was her first day in Girrawheen Senior High School as a Drama teacher. This school was known for its ‘bad’ reputation subsequent to its grand opening in 1974. The school itself is situated in the heart of City of Waneroo. Girrawheen is filled with culture from its Asian markets, Vietnamese restaurants, and Indian and Arabic deli. Ms Drpich received a phone call from the school’s Principal; Mr, Rigley to pay a visit at the school. Girrawheen Senior High School is far from any High Schools that Ms Drpich ever taught at. The high school has a full time police officer and surrounded with barbed fence. Upon entering the hallways of the school, she was approached with friendly smiles and greeted with ‘what’s up Miss’ and ‘welcome to our school’. The school was filled with unreciprocated talents of singing, dancing and acting. Instantly, Miss Drpich fell in love with the environment, along with its friendly…

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