Summary Of The Movie 'Grease'

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When I think of Grease, I picture the 1978 comedy music and teen film that could always get me to sing along. Grease first stated when it became a musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey with additional songs written by John Farrar in 1971. It was actually named after the 1950s United States working class youth subculture known as greasers. The musical was set in 1959 at fictional Rydell High School where a group of teens learn the complexities of friendship, romance and adventures. It also takes you through the experience of peer pressure, politics, personal core values and love. In its original production in Chicago Grease was known to be a raunchy, raw, aggressive, vulgar show. Social issues such as teenage pregnancy and gang violence had …show more content…
This is definitely a tie between a musical comedy and a drama. Because of all the ups and downs these teens go through, it's like a roller coaster you never wanna get off. There are times you wanna laugh and when you wanna cry, it is balanced out very well and just enough to keep you on your toes.
Starting with the two main characters, Sandy and Danny meet for the first time before stating the school year, the moment they first lock eyes you can tell they are romantic with one another and that hopefully there love continues throughout the story. Sandy Dumbrowski, the new girl in town, and Danny Zuko, the school’s coolest greaser, have a secret summertime romance. When summer comes to an end Sandy must leave and go back to Australia but they hope it's not the end of the road for them but they never expected to be reunited senior year at Rydell High, but when they get back to school, everything is different. Sandy attempts to navigate the tricky Rydell High School social waters and catch Danny’s attention again, but Danny is highly concerned with maintaining his jock reputation. In the end, the Pink Ladies help Sandy figure out how to win back the leader of
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Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey were composers, Lyricists and Librettists. While John Farrar was just a composer for the musical. In the mid-1960s, Casey met Jim Jacobs while acting with the Chicago Stage Guild, and the two began collaborating on a play with music about high-school life during the golden age of rock 'n' roll in the 1950s. Entitled Grease, it premiered in 1971 at the Kingston Mines Theater,. Producers Ken Waissman and Maxine Fox saw the show and highly recommended the playwrights that it might work better as a musical, and told them if the creative partners were willing to rework it and they liked the end result, they would produce it off-Broadway. Casey quit his day job as a department store lingerie buyer and the team headed to New York City to collaborate on what would become Grease, which opened at the Eden Theatre in downtown Manhattan, moved to Broadway, and earned him a Tony Award nomination for Best Book of a Musical. The show was deemed eligible for the 1972 Tony Awards, receiving seven Tony Award nominations. In June 1972 the production moved to the Broadhurst Theatre in the heart of Manhattan's Broadway Theater District. Six months later it moved to the Royale Theatre where it played until January 1980. Casey earned a Tony Award nomination for Best Book of a Musical. The show went on to become a

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