Summary Of ' The Monkey ' Essay

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Life matters to all who encounter
“ Helping an animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that animal!”(Kristen Sarmiento). This is saying that helping save that animal’s life is now changing how that animal will see the world and it’s life will forever be changed for the better because of you. Judy the monkey was a monkey who looked like a human, it had a pink face and human-like eyes. Scientist were intrigued by this and bought her from the owner to observe her and see if there were anymore of her kind. Judy has been through multiple experiments and tests every day ever since the day she was brought to the lab. She has not been outside for nearly twelve years and lives in a cage. Recently the owner found out what was happening to Judy and he was on a mission to get her back! After a few months,he brought her home and she was so excited Judy cried of happiness because she forgot what the outdoors looked like and felt like. Animal Equality is really important to people and that is how the foundation of Animal equality was born. Animal Equality is an organization that researches things done to animals and does everything it can to stop it. You should donate money or your time to help these innocent animals get their freedom back! Animal Equality is a foundation for everyone to see inhuman things done to animals. You should help out or donate money to end this awful thing happening because it shows your support for the animals suffering, it…

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