Suffering In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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The author and their respected written piece correlate in the sense of influences; the author is influential to their own work. The reason why readers may find Franz Kafka 's The Metamorphosis as an alluring novella is because of the past experiences Kafka had been through which is being reflected in his work. With respect to this particular novella, the author and main character Gregor Samsa have lived similar lives hence, the author was reflecting about his life in this short story. The reoccurring aspect of mental and physical pain/suffering is common place within both the author and character lives. With this factor, the short story exemplifies the anguish of Kafka 's autobiography and Samsa 's role in the short story. Being able to deconstruct …show more content…
The Kafka family is composed of Franz Kafka, his mother, father, and three sisters; Franz 's two younger brothers died when Franz was six years old. Franz Kafka had a complicated relationship with his parents when it came to his preference of career and other matters which had to do with Franz 's life, however, his parents would forcefully manipulate his thoughts. His mother, Julie Kafka, in their time was a distinctive housewife with a close-minded approach to her son 's dreams. On the other hand, his father, Hermann Kafka was a successful businessman with a vigorous personality, especially when it came to his son. Hermann Kafka was described to be an individual with short-temper, obsessive, and constantly in a negative/angry state of mind. Hermann 's outlet for all of these characteristics were released upon Franz when something did not go as planned for Hermann Kafka. A statement made by an active writer for The Kafka Project stated: "He lived his life in the shadow of his dominating father under constant pressure to take over the family business" (Stephens 11). Hermann treated Franz as if he is a disobedient infant even though Franz was a grown man, proficient of living his own life. Franz had a dream of becoming a writer however;

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