Summary Of ' The Man With The Muck Rake ' Essay example

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Rake the Muck
What is Muck
Throughout history there have always been events that caused an uprising from the people. During the Progressive Era these events included yellow journalism. Yellow journalism is defined as a type of reporting that includes obscene exaggeration. The journalists responsible for yellow journalism are muckrakers. This term was coined by Theodore Roosevelt and can be described as journalists that focus on the ‘muck’, or bad parts, of society and publish it so the public is aware of how brutal things really are. The reason for Roosevelt’s speech, “The Man With the Muck Rake”, allows him to express his views on muckrakers and their wrongful doings toward society.
Theodore Roosevelt strongly believes that muckrakers are a negative influence on society. Instead of focusing on the beautiful moments of the United States they are spending their time looking through the dirt to uncover any and all negative aspects of a story. Roosevelt is expressing this idea when he says, “There are beautiful things above them; and if they gradually grow to feel that the whole world is nothing but muck, their power of usefulness is gone (Roosevelt 44).” Roosevelt continues this thought when he states, “Yet he also typifies the man who in this life consistently refuses to see aught that is lofty, and fixes his eyes with solemn intentness only on that which is vile and debasing (Roosevelt 43).” Basically Roosevelt is suggesting the idea that muckrakers would rather spend their…

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