Summary Of ' The Lucky One ' Essay

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I have been out here for a day now I was shot in the leg and left to die unlike the rest of my friends I was the lucky one. Mary, Edith, Jordan, and Cameron their pleads and screams still ring through my head as I watched them drop one by one. Cameron was the first to go he was the one who stood in front of the children and plead that the children were to be set free. The soldiers ignored his plead shot him in the head right in front of the children. All the children screamed and the soldiers yelled. The soldiers then went and shot the rest of the children I had to hold back Edith and Mary to stop them from running to the children. I didn 't like the sight either but their was nothing else I could do. After the children were dead on the ground the soldiers made us pick up their lifeless bodies and throw them into a ditch. Now the soldier said woman next all the women were pushed towards the center and shoved down to the grounds. Jordan was furious he punched one of the soldiers and so did some others they were killed immediately for this. I couldn’t handle watching Mary, Edith, Jordan, and Cameron all die especially when Mary my girlfriend died. We have been together for only a few months now but I loved her we made promises that once we get back we were going to get married. That never happened Mary and Edith were killed their throats were slashed. Then came my turn along with the rest I just sat down and took what I knew was coming I didn’t see a point in…

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