Essay about Summary Of ' The ' Let 's Just Give Him The Stupid Stone '

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Chapter Eighteen
A Dizzying Blur of Woozy

Tuesday, 11:30 a.m.

The way Chance saw it escape was futile.
“Look, we’re tied up.” He walked over to a window and glanced down. “And we’re on the third floor. Unless you’re suggesting we hurl ourselves through the glass and dive to our deaths. Besides, this place is infested with guards.”
I realized he was right. Men were prowling like packs of wild hyenas, lurking in the shadows, waiting to devour us whole.
“If we did manage to flee, which is impossible, they’d find us in no time and that would only delay the inevitable, not to mention make things worse,” Chance continued slowly as if he were explaining how to play a video game to his grandmother. “Let’s just give him the stupid Stone.”
“I can’t believe you’re seriously entertaining such a ridiculous notion.” Twist’s expression turned grim. “Mr. Wang-Woo admitted that he had something to do with scaring away the estate’s staff. I think it’s a horrible idea to reward his deception.”
“Besides, I have a plan,” Seth said.
“Forget it,” I told him. “Remember when you tested the RX7 Cruiser Deluxe on a little old lady crossing the street? We were nearly pulverized by her purse.”
“It’s a fantastic contraption,” he muttered. “I just had to work out a few of the bugs.”
“The poor woman was trapped in a runaway wheelchair.”
“Madison, let Mr. Gadget explain,” Twist said. “So what’s the plan?”
“First, we’ll cut each other loose. When Wang-Woo and Bane return, we’ll push them out of the way…

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