Visions Of Glory Alone

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The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill is a trilogy of books written by William Manchester, a renowned biographer and historian. They first volume was Visions of Glory published in 1983, the second volume was Alone published in 1988 and the third volume was Defender of the Realm, co-authored with Paul Reid and published posthumous. The three books feature Winston Churchill, the famous British Prime Minister who led the Empire into the Second World War. Each of the three covers of the books shows a picture of an increasingly ageing Churchill. From a lean young man in Visions of Glory, Churchill transforms to the hat-wearing man we all know of in the Defender of the Realm. In this book review, we will look at all the three volumes
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With Japan, Burma, United States and some African states joining the War, it had now become a global war. Leadership was a sought commodity for Allies to lead a united front against Germany and its friends. Loyalty and organization were also sought among soldiers fighting together against one common enemy amidst language barriers and in foreign territories. Just like Visions of Glory, Alone begins with a description of the events in 1932. The author starts with the tale of the English Channel, an important landmark during the War. Also, he vividly describes Churchill and his family. In this volume, we see a person who loves conversation, loves to mingle and talk everywhere including at dinner and during his baths. The author notes that although he was still vigorous and brilliant, his actions were not popular. Consequently, he was distrusted and disliked because he held the belief that Germany was a threat to …show more content…
The author also obtained sources from public records such as newspapers and parliamentary records. There also excerpts from interviews conducted with people who knew Churchill. The work was balanced because it looks at Winston Churchill as a leader and also as a person. We see his strengths and his weaknesses in both capacities.
The author uses grace and humor to explore and write about the majority of events in Churchill’s life right from his troubled childhood, escape from capture by the Boers, his marriage, being an Admiral and his Chancellery and journey to being a Prime Minister. The book represents an important piece of work because it introduces the real Churchill to the world. Winston Churchill changed history, not only of the British Empire but the world as a whole. His courage and wit

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