Summary Of ' The Isle Of Avalir ' Essay

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Faline swayed on her feet as the exertion of the past three days took its toll. But now, before her stood three Pterestrians, giant winged behemoths covered in shiny obsidian scales. These conjured flying mounts gave her the ability to quickly reach all corners of Westfal – but especially her first stop – the Isle of Avalir.
The creatures stretched and growled, but several scales were missing from their bodies, and the edges of their wings appeared frayed. All clear signs of weakness in how she summoned them. Doubt crept into her mind. Would they last beyond Avalir? She hoped so. Because from there, she would need them to take her to the Grail. Again, she felt faint. “Are you well, mistress?” rasped Drakar.
She wavered slightly, “Yes ... in a moment.”
A wave of nausea swept through, and her legs gave way. Darkness enveloped her.

Drakar silently rose from its chair and drifted over to Faline’s comatose form. Two long arms scooped her up and walked slowly towards a tall tent. Something cried out in his mind. He turned to face west. For a moment, he sensed something – a peculiar sensation, an emptiness. Something was out of place. No, that wasn’t it. A connection had been broken. The feeling faded, as did his concern. Slowly, he turned back towards the tent – whatever it was would have to wait for another day.
* * *
Gall stared over the battlements at the Nagun horde ransacking the camp. Despite this, without the Shatain to instill fear, the tribesmen could only muster…

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