Summary Of ' The Impressive Schlosskirche Palace Church ' Essay

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Chapter Five
The impressive Schlosskirche (palace church) is in the north wing of the Mannheim Palace, where the wedding ceremony was being held in the early evening of February 23, 1843.
The Dowager Duchess Stéphanie was beaming as her daughter walked down the candlelit aisle arm and arm with the Grand Duke, Grand Duchess, and the groom, impressive in his new uniform adorned with ribbons and medals especially for the occasion. The bride was resplendent in the same gown her mother wore when she married the late Grand Duke of Baden. She wore the jewels and tiara given to her mother by Napoleon Bonaparte himself when she became the Grand Duchess. The Dowager Duchess knew her daughter would officially be a member of royalty again and her daughter’s children would have a royal bloodline. She turned to look and smile at the Countess of Hochberg, her chief rival, sitting several rows behind her in the church. The Countess always claimed Stéphanie and her family only had a trace of royalty when she married her late husband’s grandson and became Grand Duchess of Baden and she was finally vindicated.
The Dowager Duchess and the Countess of Hochberg were bitter rivals from the first time Stéphanie arrived in Baden from France. The Countess was the second wife of Stéphanie’s husband’s grandfather, the very first Grand Duke of Baden. She was quite jealous and upset when Stéphanie’s husband became the Grand Duke upon his death and not one of her own two sons, due to a dispute of their…

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