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Karlie jumps up and screams how did you get inside of my house? How did you find out where i lived? GET AWAY FROM ME she screams. Ricky sits there and doesn’t say a word he has no answers to what Karlie is asking him. Karlie freaks out, do you have any idea how bad this looks? I can’t trust you i hardly know you, why didn’t you tell me anything about melissa being your ex girlfriend or the cops accusing you of the kidnap. Tell me the truth did you do it? Ricky doesn’t know what to say he didn’t think she knew or would believe any of it. I didn’t want you to find out because i knew i wouldn’t have a chance with you i knew you would think i was a freak and believe everyone else over me, I didn’t do it i swear. Karlie stands up looks ricky in the eyes and says never come near me again or i will call the cops it doesn’t look good i can’t be in this with you.
The next several days ricky tries contacting Karlie in every possible way but instead she just walks away and ignores him and ignores all of his phone calls. She has not only ruined her friendship of many years with damian and Kelsey but she also lost somebody who she thought was completely different than what he really is. Thoughts rushed through her mind did he really kidnap her? Is he telling the truth? Thoughts scattered inside her head and she breaks down crying, her mom holds her in her arms as they sit on the couch.
Waking up and getting ready for school Karlie doesn 't even want to go anymore but she knows she has…

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