Essay about Summary Of ' The House '

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In the house?

Daniel, have you not learnt your lesson?
This thing will kill you!

Life is busy killing me, anyway.

- That 's no excuse to carry on...
- Hey! You have a job and you have money.

Girls are offering themselves to you at the shebeen. All we have...

- are our problems.
- Everyone has problems!

You can solve yours.

I can only forget mine.

That 's a pathetic excuse!

Why didn 't you tell us you were living with a pastor?

I 'm not preaching!

You are not our mother so you must be a pastor.

You know what?

Get out of here.

Go bleat somewhere else.


And now?

Job hunting is not fun.

Namhla Diale, life is not fun.

- What did you expect?
- I have serious IT skills.

- I thought companies were looking for that.
- Namhla!

You thought the world was just waiting to give another university dropout...

a cushy job?

- I thought at least Mazwi would hear me out.
- Mazwi Moroka?


I almost forgot.

Because you are part of the Moroka family...

now that Daddy 's other little girl married one.

- Dream on.
- Come on, Mom.

I 'm not just some person from the street.

But you are.

Without an education...

the best hope for you is to be a cleaner...

like me when I dropped out of high school.

- There has to be something better than that.
- You could try #hashtag.

#hashtag? No way!

She says 'no way '. Lord, please save me from this beggar who thinks she 's so special.

- Do you want me to work for Mr Phakade?
- He 's not involved in #hashtag…

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