The Hobbit: Chapter Summary

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The company hike through the forest for quite a few days, yet they feel like they’re getting nowhere. Bilbo climbs into a tree to get a vision of how much ground they’ve covered. The hobbit was unable to get a good view and thinks they aren’t even half-way yet, which isn’t true. They are almost on the edge of the forest. The company is completely out of food when they spot a group of elves having a feast. Despite Gandalf’s warning, they stray from the path. This results in the dwarves being taken in captivity by enormous spiders. Bilbo was yet again able to escape and lost his friends in the darkness of night. He decides to wear his magic ring and heads off to find the dwarves. He manages to find and free them and he takes off his ring when …show more content…
And that’s what Bilbo does, he enters the tunnel and finds Smaug lying atop of his treasure. The dragon is sleeping and so Bilbo steals a cup, before he heads back to the dwarves. In their excitement they awake Smaug, who then flies from the Mountain in search of a thief. The company stays inside the tunnel until Smaug returns to the Mountain. The hobbit returns to Smaug’s lair, puts his ring on and has a game of riddles with the dragon. Smaug doesn’t recognize Bilbo’s smell, since he has never acquainted a hobbit. With every bit of luck on his side, Bilbo returns to the company and tells them about his adventure. He also learns Thorin is very much interested in finding the Arkenstone.

Chapter 13: Not At Home
Smaug once again leaves the Mountain, to ‘show who the real king under the mountain is’. The dwarves panic when they figure out they are trapped inside the Mountain, because Smaug would certainly spot them if they left. Bilbo proposes they go down the dragon’s cave, not knowing if their enemy is there or not. As they scurry through all the treasures that lay in the Mountain, Bilbo finds the Arkenstone. He doesn’t give it to Thorin, because he was told he could ‘choose his treasure himself’.

Chapter 14: Fire And

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