Summary Of ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Strangely enough, it was memories of Lupin that haunted him the most. The quiet, unassuming boy had never thrown a single hex in his direction, never called him names or made nasty remarks within his hearing. On the contrary, his eyes had often been filled with sympathy, and for that, Severus had always hated him on an entirely different level. Spineless coward. That was one of the cruelest lessons he 'd learned at far too young an age. Even those who recognized cruelty wouldn 't lift a finger to stop it if it was an inconvenience for them to do so. Yes, it seemed Lupin had preferred to watch him suffer rather than stand up to his precious friends.

That was what Dumbledore didn 't seem to understand. While even Severus could grudgingly admit that Lupin on his own wasn 't a bad sort (at least in human form), his loyalty was dangerous, as was his tendency to turn a blind eye whenever he could get away with it. No, he wasn 't likely to agree with the idea of Potter Jr. being murdered, but would that stop him from accepting any flimsy excuse to let Black into the castle, convinced that his friend meant no harm?

Shaken from his reverie by a soft cough, he was surprised to find himself outside his own classroom. His eyes passed wearily over the group of first year Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws who were waiting for his appearance, just before he snatched open the door and ushered them inside.

What were you thinking?!

If Sirius had been in human form, Lily was quite sure he would…

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