Summary Of ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essays

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It was year of 1919 and poverty was at an all time high for the African American society especially in Mississippi. But on June 2, 1919 Dorothy Skaggs and Alvin Skaggs became parents for the third time. Their three children Betty, Alvin Jr. and William were the love of their lives and their inspiration to survive these hard times. Yes they were financially struggling but they were rich with love and affection for their family. Alvin Sr. worked fourteen hour shifts five days a week and his wife Dorothy worked as a maid but it was for pennies just enough to keep a shack and food on the table for their family. So they were strict loving parents who tried to shelter their children from the cruel word.
Giving that Alvin Jr. was the oldest he tried to get a job to help his family. But Mississippi jobs were scarce for a young sixteen year old black boy especially still in school. And his mom and dad were killing their selves to provide for him and his siblings. He was trying to stay in school but it was just becoming too hard. His Fathers job was laying men off and he had to try to make ends meet for his family somehow. He had heard tales of living in New York were jobs were always hiring you could always make a quick buck or two. So he was determined to move there one day. But for now he felt trapped. He was still determined that when he got old enough him and his family would not have to live like this.
Betty at the young tender age of fifteen was becoming knowledgeable about…

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