Summary Of ' The Grand Scheme Of Things It Essay

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This letter probably won’t mean as much to you as it does to me but I have to get it out. I know you get frustrated whenever I talk about it so here’s the last time.. I just need to say sorry, I thought us breaking up was a good thing… we could both move on fast and get over each other before I move to Seattle, or NYC whenever I move in 3 years since you didn’t want to do long distance. In the grand scheme of things it seems silly because our love should 've been strong enough to withstand 3 years of up in the air plans. I wasn’t afraid of marriage in fact I was ready to marry you, I wasn’t afraid of Gage more so the fact of becoming a mom to a human that would look up to me in the future; what if I fucked up? What if I did something wrong? What if I yelled on accident and he cried? What if he did something to piss me off and I didn’t know how to handle it? I thought about those things daily… Perks of someone who has anxiety and over thinks everything. I loved you and Gage to the moon and back. If I didn’t do you think I would’ve taken time to freak out over birthday and christmas presents and what your mom thought what kind of person I was? I was going to be his “mother” for all intents and purposes to her and I wanted to impress her. Your mother was someone I always wanted approval from. She was Gages “mom” from the start basically so I wanted to show her that I could maybe do it too, and I guess I got scared. I know at this point this all doesn 't matter because…

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