Essay on Summary Of ' The Ghost Dance '

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Savanna Taylor
Ms. Teichman
English 101 (15)
19 September 2016

‘The Ghost Dance’

It is true to say that different communities in the world became rebellious to the European civilization especially on religious matters. In this case, also the Indians in Western America had to have a rebellious cult that would enlighten their struggle from the hands of the European invader. The Indians of America and mostly from Western Great Basin hence began a cult that was known as ‘the ghost dance’ or Natdia in native America (Weiser). The ghost dance emerged in the 1870s and was purposely brought about to unite the Indians and enable them rebel against the Indian reservations. It could be the new light for the Indians who had lost hope after their lands were invaded and men reserved with no rights.

As described by Legends of America, the ghost dance originated from a Paiute Indian commonly known as Wovoka (Wovoka had been named Jack Wilson by the English) (Weiser).
He termed himself and the great warrior and savior who would take the burden of leading the Indians towards their salvation or freedom (Walcott). The religious cult was born and motivated by Wovoka’s dream in 1st January 1889 where he describes his to be directed by the spiritual world. The ghost dance was merely brought into being after Wovoka revealed that his dream had images of the Indian Americans being lifted towards the sky and then in contrary Earth swallows the Europeans as it opens its grounds. He believed it was…

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