Summary Of ' The Forest Park Night ' Essay

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Through the woods, one can find many things: both expected and unexpected. However, there is a reason children are told never to play in the forest at night. This collection of trees and wildlife is dark, mysterious, and incredibly thick. The tall trees seem to radiate a sense of wonder, yes, but also terror. A place of mystery, this is by no means a place for children.
Suddenly, a young boy in a green cape breaks through the trees. He is being chased by unseen forces. Although they are never seen, the terror on the boy’s face relays the danger of his pursuers. He runs and runs, stopping only to catch his breath before taking off again. Every time he stops, it is only for a short while, as the drums get louder with each break he takes. Finally, he is able to hide, and the drums of his pursuers fade away. His relief is short lived, however, for the boy realizes he does not know where he is, much less how to escape.
The boy picks himself up and looks around, seeds of fear building into his heart. He is frantic, he is completely lost. He takes on a quick pace as he looks around for any sort of landmark to orient himself, but it’s no use. This part of the woods is confusing, as all the dark trees look the same. Fearing monsters, he stops at each tree to spot them before continuing. The boy tries to steady his breathing but the woods seem to radiate a sense of fear and terror. It’s like it’s saying “You can’t afford to be calm here.” The boy runs into a clearing where he is…

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