Summary Of ' The Daughter Of Reverend Parris ' Essay

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Plot Spot
The daughter of Reverend Parris, Betty, is in a coma-like state after being found in the forest. Eventually she wakes up after Abigail and several other girls who were also in the woods confess they were conjuring spirits. Consequently, the girls also tell everyone about all of the people of the community they supporsedly saw with the devil. These false accusations result in the trials and hangings of many innocent people.
About a week later, John and Elizabeth Proctor are at home discussing the many trials happening in the town. Suddenly, Elizabeth tries to get John to go into court and tell them what he knows about Abigail and the girls, including that they were just dancing in the forest and nothing more. After he refuses, Elizabeth believes he still has feelings for Abigail, a girl with whom John previously had been involved.
The next morning John takes Mary to court as proof that the young girls are lying about seeing the devil. His actions are an attempt to save his wife and many others from being hung. In turn, it ends with him being charged with working with the devil and therefore he is sent to jail.
Three months later, early in the morning, many people have gathered at the jail. Their plan is to get the incriminated to confess to witchcraft to save their lives. At last John confesses, but soon denies his statement because he comes to the realization that he would rather have his dignity than his life.
Author Spot
On October 17, 1915, in Harlem, New York,…

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