Essay on Summary Of ' The Bushido Code

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Musui’s Story The Bushido code can be witnessed in Musui’s Story, which is an autobiography of Tokugawa Samurai. This autobiography documents the life of Katsu Kokichi, who was a samurai in Japan’s late Tokugawa period. This story gives excellent examples of how Katsu Kokichi broke and disrespected the Bushido code along with disrespecting himself from early childhood till his death. Some of the behavior that Kokichi did to disrespect the Bushido code was lying, cheating, and stealing. For example, when Kokichi was young, he admits that he took from his mother. Kokichi explains, “My mother would put away sweets and cakes that people would give us. I would steal them” (Katsu, 32). This admission by Kokichi is an apparent volition of the Bushido code. Nevertheless, one could say that taking not only broke one of the Bushido code principles but a majority of the Bushido’s codes. Further on into Kokichi’s autobiography there is evidence of more violations of the Bushido code. As a young adult, Kokichi had a moment when he lost control. He notes, “I got into another fight…with some boys from Mae-Cho. I got struck with large rocks and bamboo poles. My hair had fallen lose all over my face, and I was sobbing. I took out my short sword and slashed left and right. But I knew I was beaten and decided then and there to commit hara-kiri” (Katsu, 88). This quote shows that as a young adult Kokichi managed to get into a scrimmage with some other young boys and lost a…

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