Summary Of The Book Worm By Johnathan Joe Davis

This story is about the book worm Johnathan Joe Davis. Johnathan Joe Davis loved everything and anything about reading. He read in bed, in the shower, on the toilet, in the car, in school and even in church but nothing compared to his favorite place to read. His favorite place to read at was at the big rock at the Lake. He loved the nice breeze he felt while he read, it was calming and peaceful. Although he sits on the rock, it is a rock it is comfortable. Many people may think that the lake and rock is regular, but it is supernatural. Also Johnathan Joe Brown is not an ordinary kid, he is different.

The rock and lake is indeed magic. Johnathan Posses extraordinary powers also. Something happens when Johnathan reads at the special rock and lake. Johnathan has powers which exist in the book that he is reading. Johnathan is a supreme being called, A Book Jumper.
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When in a book dimension he gains the power to do anything, although he is young, he is very skilled in book jumping. Book jumping requires much skill, it also is very dangerous. If not careful he can be stuck in the books dimension. He will be stuck, for a life’s eternity.

One day Jonathan to a trip to the lake with a new book his mother & father, Jacqueline & Kyle had bought him. The new book was called “The Adventures of the End of the World”. Johnathan sat down on his special rock and took a deep breathe, he began to concentrate heavily. The more concentration he put forth strange things started to happen. The lake began to shake violently with waves and his special rock began to tremor. Before him stood a portal that separated his world and the books dimension. Without hesitation he jumped through, as he did many times

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