Summary Of The Book ' This Boy 's Life ' Essay

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Finding Myself Growing up as a boy naturally comes with a lot of pure pressure and competition. From Magazine ads to television shows the male always has to be the one to protect his family.
In the book This Boy’s Life the main character goes by the name of Tobias Wolf but prefers to be called Toby. Toby did not live the American Dream lifestyle, he lived the opposite. He grew up with a single mother who 's name was Rosemary, who was constantly in and out of work and on the move, but always found a way for her and Toby to see another day. Toby’s mother had a boyfriend by the name of Dwight. With Toby never having a father figure in his life, Dwight was the closest thing Toby had as a father. By Dwight’s daily actions he was nothing like a father, he was supposed to be like. Toby struggled trying to find the person who he was and who he wanted to be, from Toby hanging around the wrong group of friends trying to find acceptance and dealing with daily abuse Toby’s experiences growing up, molded him into the man that he is today. Having a new person become part of your family can sometimes take a while to adjust. In this situation, Dwight was the new family member that Toby had to get used to being around on the daily basis. With Dwight being in a relationship with Toby’s mother, Rosemary, Dwight’s role was to play the dad. Because Toby did not grow up with his father the one thing he needed the most was a positive male role model. Dwight acted nothing like a father figure,…

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