Essay Summary Of The Book ' The Night '

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* * * * * When Jake awoke the next morning, he checked to see if the small boat had returned, but there was nothing docked behind Lowell’s. He checked his watch and saw he had an hour before he was to meet Sam. When he arrived at the town dock, Marbles and Toby were nowhere in sight, but he noticed a small, lumpy parcel on the bench with “Jak” scrawled on the outside. He unfolded the paper and read: Deer Mr Jak and Polot We at skool. See yu lter. Toby Marbles

Stay in school. Jake chuckled. Learn to spell. The note was wrapped around three crackers. “Looks like you’ll have solitary duty most of the day, boy,” he said, as the dog gobbled up the crackers. He looked expectantly for more, but Jake ordered the dog back to the boat. Pilot’s tail dropped, but he obeyed the command. He gave an exaggerated yawn and lay down with a deep sigh. Carrying his toolbox through town, Jake could see Sam waiting for him in the dray in front of Lowell’s. After Jake sat down in the cart, Sam snapped the reins, and the mule began a steady clop down one of the side streets. Outside of town, the road grew deeply rutted and muddy, and Jake realized why Sam chose the dray over the company truck. The cart lurched down the unpaved road. More than once, Jake hopped out of the cart to work the dray out of holes or coax the mule to continue. “This road get better when the summer dry it out,” Sam explained. “I hope so.” After several miles, the wagon pulled off the road, and Sam directed the…

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