Summary Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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From a small tribal society in West Africa to the various hands of different masters and to places as far as the North Pole, Equiano got over his cultural shock rather quickly. Though his situation is an unfortunate one, he is treated better than most slaves he meets. For this, he begins his book by stating, “I regard myself as a particular favourite of Heaven” (31). He is purchased by an officer of the British royal navy who shows him kindness and a willingness to educate him. However, after many years of service and just before he is able to purchase his freedom, his master takes his wages and sells him to a man leaving for the West Indies. His situation is greatly depreciated, but Equiano still thanks his master for giving him respectable character, for he is purchased by the gentler slave master in the West Indies. There he is able to attain money by buying and selling goods, with the help of his master, he was able to purchase his freedom for the same allotment he was purchased for. Equiano’s work offers insight on the Atlantic slave trade with a depiction of the conditions crossing the Atlantic and a detailed comparison of the brutality he as a slave faced in the Americas versus a more reasonable Europe. Furthermore, he shines a light on the issues he encountered after he bought his freedom. When Equiano and his sister are kidnapped from their home, he describes some of the towns he passes through on the way to the coast. He is heartbreakingly separated from his…

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