Summary Of ' The Askins ' Free Time Essay

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In the Askins’ free time (cont’d.)
Many people in town would move out to the beach. Mr. Askins’ remembers these times like they just happened yesterday. On the way to Florida the Askins’ family would stop at Mount Olive Baptist Church in South Georgia, and they would have lunch on their lawn. His father drove an Oldsmobile. Cars were a big deal in the 1950’s. The new cars would be released and Mr. Askins would beg his father to take him to the dealer, so he could see the cars. It was the most exciting thing in the world.
High School
Mr. Askins went to high school in Birmingham. He was so fortunate that his public school education from Mountain Brook High School was so excellent that he did not need to go to private school. Mr. Askins knew that he wanted to be an architect even in high school.
Choosing Georgia Tech
Mr. Askins spoke with counselors about pursuing a career in Architecture and they recommended Auburn University, but Mr. Askins “wanted to get the hell out of Birmingham” because he wanted to see new people. One summer, while in high school, Mr. Askins worked for one of his favorite architects from Birmingham, Henry Sprott Long. Mr. Long went to Georgia Tech and Mr. Askins learned how to draft and understand the craft of architecture from him. He designed proof of his own houses and he still has them. Another friend thought that Clemson University would be a good place for Mr. Askins to enroll. Tulane University was also considered. Mr. Long suggested Georgia Tech…

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