Essay on Summary Of ' The Armitage Ascendant '

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Earlier upon the Armitage Ascendant, Lutessa is fulfilling her role as Empress as she cares for matters of state. She is incredibly proactive with those within her empire. She was elected to state and never asked to come into power. "Hmmm.... It is about time for me to return to my Monastery and continue my teachings. I 'll send an avatar; I still have work to do here." Moments later, she stands up from her chair and walks off; however, she is still seated in the chair at the same time. It is like she split in two, or another version of herself from another reality manifested into this one. So while she continues working on matters of state, she is now free to do other things at the same time. The second Lutessa walks into a wall, vanishing through it as though it wasn 't there and walks out of a wall within her Monastery. There, people from the empire come to relax in a tranquil garden of supernatural beauty and wonder. Some are there to observe, some are there to unwind, and others come to learn. Lutessa herself teaches them many things here and uses it as a veritable center of enlightenment.
She teaches people how to meditate and dissolve their pain bodies, to let go of negative emotions and stop resisting the nature of the universe. Teaching them how to see auras, open their third eyes and manipulate their chakras. She observes as people meditate to learn to control their vast subtle energy bodies. Their souls climb to new heights as their energy saturates their cells.…

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