Summary Of The African-American Experience In Impacts Of Public Policy

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Summary of the African-American experience in matters of public policy from 1870-1920
The United States of America has for centuries registered African-Americans as a minority group. They have grieving for centuries because of being subjected to hatred and inequality. With time, they have deservedly earned their independence, rights, and respect. The cause of inequality and unfair treatment began in the 16th-17th century when African American were Slaves to the whites. However, with time, African-Americans have formed movement and amended the laws in order to receive equal treatment as the whites.
After the Civil War in 1866, laws such as the 'black codes ' were passed to restrict the freedom of the blacks in the region (Lawson). It was in
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The bills intended to protect the African-Americans rights to run an office, to vote, solve court matters and be protected by laws of the country. In 1870, an Act was passed to ban the use of terror, bribery to prevent the African-Americans from exercising the right to vote due to color. It granted equal opportunities to every person such as voting (Lawson).
In the Reconstruction Act was laid in 1867. It was meant to provide African American who were formerly slaves with citizenship. Reconstruction went on until the year 1877 with significant strides made towards the fight for equality in the United States. A second Act permitted federal oversight of elections in 1871. Ku Klux Klan Act allowed all state officials liable in federal court for any person deprived of their rights or laws of safety.
In 1879, just after Reconstruction Act, an exodus from slavery were nine hundred black families from Mississippi to Kansas. Yellow fever desecrated river towns in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Missouri during this period. Many of the migrants stopping in these cities were sick, unwashed and poverty-stricken causing great alarm imposing unnecessary quarantine measures to discourage future migrants. Reasons for the black exodus were to escape racial violence, discriminatory laws that rendered blacks second-class citizens after just after reconstruction, made thousands migrate to settle in
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The steps later reversed, from holding offices, participating as equal members of society was changed, and the right to vote got abolished. The African-Americans gradually returned the racial bias laws. The primary goals of the requirements were to achieve segregation and disenfranchisement. It lowered the powers the African-Americans had earned. The Democrats made it possible by creating legislation to segregate the black community.
Later in 1883, the Supreme Court under civil rights case affirmed that Congress had no mandate to prevent all kind of acts of discrimination. It halted the African-Americans from voting and discrimination could be done. For example, in 1886, 130,000 and more African-Americans were registered voters in Louisiana, but at the beginning of 1900, the new Constitution reduced the number to as little as 5,000. The African-Americans became the 'primary targets ' of the law.
Terrorism among the African-Americans was done by the whites to stop them from voting and buying land. Terrorism was like the legacy that had not stopped from the time of civil war during the 1890s (Reddy). It consisted of lynching African-Americans. It was included in any form of violence against them to prevent them from doing anything they felt like

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