Mississipi The Bird By Anton Sanda Analysis

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The Adventures of Mississippi the Cat in Africa

Anton Sanda

In a country as in dreams
With thick forests, clear streams,

Once two siblings, girl and boy,
Got a present a live toy,
A nice kitten soft and small,
Like a playful fleecy ball,
Which grandpapa bought for them.
And they thought it was a gem.

They chose to name him Mississippi.
-Aha, the cat said Mew-ssissippi? t’s brilliant, such name I buy,
You’re very good, I can’t deny

He was so very sweet and nice,
But also petrified of mice.
He jumped on chairs, on the table,
Without even being able
To look at them, was in the dumps,
Covering his eyes, he got goose bumps
And shook his whiskers and his tail
All he could do was just to wail.
And even when he grew mature,
The mice made him
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I wish you‘d be a friend of mine,
Don’t call me Sir, Croc will be fine!
But you, why have you gone so far?
I think it’s just a bit bizarre.”
And Missi told his story sadly
How mice have treated him so badly,
How he must find a lion’s hair
Because he was in such despair.
“You seem a strange fellow to me,
How is it possible to be
Afraid of mice, such little creatures,
While you have other such brave features,
As being able to come here.
You’re pretty brave and have no fear,
I’d wish as a relative to help you.
And listen what I think we’ll do:
We’ll cross the Nile with you atop
On to the other shore you could then hop
And carry on your heavy track,
With lion’s hair then coming back.
And all at once the cat’s new friend,
Transported him up to the end
Onto to the shore magnificent
Of the African continent.
Saying “Thank you and see you soon”,
He had to cross the vast sand dune,
Southwards through the immense Sudan.
And now according to the plan,
He had to cross the Sahara desert.
No time for him problems to sort.
A camel caravan would be
A way to travel carefree.
Before long he found an inn
And just outside, he could begin
To speak to an obliging

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