Summary Of Thanks To Modern Science 17 Innocent People Have Been Removed From Death

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In “Thanks To Modern Science 17 Innocent People Have Been Removed From Death Row. Thanks To Modern Politics 23 Innocent People Have Been Removed From the Living” The discussion of the death row penalty comes under heavy fire by the ACLU calling it “unjust and unfair”. ACLU feels that the death row penalty is becoming increasingly difficult even for people standing with capital punishment to get behind. They bring in evidence from past citizens put on the death row who were unjustly put into the situation without proper evidence. ACLU asks that the idea of death row punishment be more thought out and accurate as of past cases of misfortunes. Right from the start, the title itself is something to be noted. “17 Innocent people have been removed from the death row. Thanks to Modern Politics 23 innocent people have been removed from the living” the statement suggests that politics are incriminating people unfairly. Probably proposing that politics is to blame for the amount of innocent people being put on death row punishment. They’re also noting that science is helping save these people from being executed for false accusations. The point I think they’re getting at is, more research needs to be done before convicting a criminal to death row punishment. The logic behind this …show more content…
“He had spent the last eleven years behind bars” and “he would shout day and night from his death row cell” these statements are extremely appealing to the emotions of the reader, helping the reader connect with the feelings of how tragic it has to be to be sentenced to death for a crime you had not committed. “DNA evidence would eventually end his nightmare and prove his innocence” brings the reader right back to the title and the explanation of how science saves the lives of the

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